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As a creative professional with a diverse background in film, TV and short-form narrative content who’s worked on various scale and complexity productions, from skeleton crew no-budget short films to well know union shows and commercials for fortune 500 clients, I know what you need to look out for in order to finish your production smoothly without going over your budget and/or missing your deadlines.

I can drive your project from start to finish or assist you with the following:


it all starts here


Script/Project Breakdown

 Bidding, Scheduling & Estimates



the best way to fix it in post is to fix it on set


 On-Location Tech Scout/Prep

 On-Set Supervision

 Lighting/Cinematography for VFX Shots

 B-Unit Cinematography



some wild stuff can happen here


 Pipeline Set-Up



● Finish/Deliver

● Managing In-House Teams, Freelancers & Vendors

Feel free to contact me at and let’s create something great together.

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