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As a creative professional with diverse experience in film, TV and short-form narrative content, who’s worked on various scale and complexity productions, from low-budget short films to award-winning union features, shows and commercials, I can find solutions that will be catered specifically for your production type, budget and style, effectively working with your resources and time.

My post-production services include:

Creative/Offline Editorial
Online/Conform Editorial

I work independently which gives multiple advantages to my clients:


As an independent vendor I have less expenses than a typical small-agency, allowing me to keep my rates more competitive and offer more for your budget. 

I do all the work in-house – I don’t outsource anything. Your footage will never go to someone overseas. If there is a need to hire additional talents – it will be discussed with you beforehand.

I can take your project through multiple stages (pre-production/creative, offline, online, vfx, finishing) so you don’t have to deal with hiring multiple vendors, saving you time and money. This is highly beneficial for smaller scale and independent productions. 

I’m flexible and can adapt to any type of workflow – I can work within your pipeline/team (including connecting remotely to your machine) or stay completely independent.


If you are interested in working together – let’s chat –

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