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The Morning Show Season 3

August 2023

It’s been almost a year of a hard work, but it was well worth it! Working as an in-house compositing supervisor I got a chance to bring some cool concepts to life while working alongside some dope people. 

Fall Guys

June 2022

While I never played the game it felt great to work on their commercial.  A lot of cool characters lit and rendered in Unreal Engine and a lot of fun putting everything together in comp.

Fall Guys.JPG

Doja Cat: Get into it

January 2022

It’s a wrap for the new Doja Cat music video. I got a chance to lead a team of talented compositing artists bringing Directors vision and ideas from concept to screen. 


August 2021

Just finished a 2-day shoot as an on-set VFX supervisor for a fun commercial for Invesco. I had a blast working together with an Oscar nominated DP to bring our clients vision to life. 

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