In-House Post-Production

As we live in a digital age almost every company is producing some sort of video content, whether it’s a fancy live-action commercial with A list actors or just a short 10 second Facebook snippet of a new product, post-production can either break or make your project.

Having an in-house post-production team brings multiple advantages over working with the outside vendors and will let you have full control over all aspects of your project with minimum miscommunication between both artists and managers. Furthermore, having on-staff artists will decrease your chances of going over the budget since you won’t have to rely on your vendors and worry about them overcharging you and missing deadlines because of last-minute changes.

However, starting an in-house post-production department is not as simple as just buying a pre-built workstation and hiring a few artists as there’s a lot of variables that can come into play. 

My strong technical background combined with a deep understanding of the production process will help build a custom pipeline that will be catered specifically for your company needs without wasting your budget and over-paying for something that you won’t need.